Tanning Systems

Here are our state of the art tanning beds. With a variety for you to chose the strength and features you want for the best tanning results. Enjoying the safe, comfortable and technologically advanced tanning systems at our tanning salons. Beds can vary at each location, So call in advance if you have a specific bed or preference. They all work great! Our tanning beds are maintained meticulously, checking them daily and keeping them in top condition.

New 2013 Tanning Systems Arrived at Thousand Oaks Salon

Tan LA Announces Arrival of the New 2013 KBL 6800 Tanning System

We invite you to come try Europe’s most luxurious 10 minute tanning experience. Relax in style, enjoy life.

KBL 6800 tanning bedLook good. Feel good. Life as an adventure. Spring is here, and Summer is on the way. Planning some great vacations, gala appearances, a big party or mega event – whatever you have planned, before it starts, try out your tanning in our new  KBL 6800. Get a powerful, relaxing tan from head to toe.

The KBL 6800 is the next generation of indoor tanning. Be ready to be pampered. Aside from offering amazing tanning power, it also provides relaxing amenities, such as full body misters, aromatherapy, voice prompts, several music options and built in air conditioning to keep you nice and cool during your 10 minute tanning session! It has a total of 52 lamps including four adjustable high pressure facial lamps, and two high pressure shoulder lamps. This bed also has six p2 pigment lamps that help the tanner achieve PERFECT RESULTS through rapid melanin formation.

  • 10 minute tanning session
  •  high pressure facial control
  • MegaVoice
  •  Pure Air
  •  EvoSystem
  •  Air conditioning
  •  Radio/CD

Sun Capsule Eclipse 250 MAX Standup Tanning Booth

This is it! For clients who prefer vertical (stand-up) tanning.

We just took delivery of the brand new Sun Capsule Eclipse 250 MAX. This unit is the most powerful tanning machine ever produced from Sun Capsule.

A 21 mile-per-hour breeze keeps you cool as the 250 MAX system warms and tans your entire body. A great choice for a bronzed body in a flash!

If ever there was a Sun Capsule that epitomizes what power, Eclipse verticle standup tanningperformance and reliability represent in a tanning machine, look no further.  The Eclipse 250 MAX has it all.  The result is a deep dark tan that could be mistaken for something you’d get from a high pressure system. It’s a 7 minute experience that words can’t describe. New phosphor technology, new high performance ballasts, more effective floor plan design, cooling, esthetics, etc. What’s more, the elevated floor puts the tanner in The Zone for the deepest, darkest head-to-toe tan ever imagined. Pretty amazing?  That’s just 30 years of Sun Capsule technology at work.

Founded in 1979, Sun Capsule has been the industry leader in tanning booths for over 30 years.

Tanning systems are available at

the Thousand Oaks / Westake Village

Tanning Salon and Spa location only.



Sungate V2 Luxury Tanning Bed

Sungate V2 Tanning SystemThis brand new addition has 52 VHR bulbs for the body, 4 UVA High Pressure bulbs for the face, and 2 High Pressure shoulder tanners. With built-in air conditioning, body misters, and aromatherapy you will be taken to a whole new dimension in indoor tanning.


Try the NEW Magic 636

Magic 636 Tanning System This UVA high pressure system is the most powerful tanning system in the world. Special filter glass blocks out most UVB (burning rays) for a gentle golden brown tan. Get a great tan in 3-4 12 minute sessions. For even better results we recommend alternating Magic 636 sessions with the Dr. Muller Orbit and/or Giant Sun.



Orbit Tanning SystemOur most popular tanning system gives you a quick and long-lasting tan. The 11,000 watts of gentle UVA and 2.0% UVB kick start your tanning experience with only 5-6 sessions. Then only 4-6 sessions a month help you maintain a wonderful, St. Trope tan without the need of a passport.


Giant Sun

Giant Sun Tanning System Similar to the Orbit but with a larger tanning surface, adjustable facial bulbs, and eight body fans the Dr. Muller Giant Sun is the Premier European Tanning System. Achieve a deep, dark, gentle tan in a cool and comfortable 10 minute session.



saturnThe open design of the worlds most powerful UVA high pressure vertical (stand-up) tanning system is great for claustrophobic clients. Special filter glass blocks out most UVB (burning rays) for a gentle golden brown tan. Get a great tan is 3-4 12 minute sessions. For even better results we recommend alternating Saturn sessions with the Cyclone vertical (stand-up) tanning system.



KBL6800 Tanning SystemBrand new for 2013 the KBL 6800 features Intellisun Technology which allows the client to adjust the tanning system for the desired amount of UVA and UVB. Built in air conditioning, Aroma Therapy, Mist, auto volume control, USB audio, MP3 sound and adjustable facial tanning make this one of the most luxurious 10 minute indoor tanning experiences ever created.


Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Tanning System The Santa Barbara is designed to deliver an outstanding tan in a luxurious atmosphere in 30 minutes or less.



Eclipse Brand new for 2013 the new Eclipse is the most powerful vertical (stand-up) tanning system ever produced by Suncapsule and features 54 250 watt VHR lamps with only 2.0% UVB (burning ray) which provide a spectacular tan in only 7 minutes. A 21 mile per hour (mph) breeze keeps body cool and comfortable throughout your session. No tanning lines, perfect for filling hard-to-tan spots neglected by conventional tanning beds, 3-4 sessions per month are needed to maintain tan.


Leg Tanner

Leg Tanning SystemGreat for those sometimes hard to tan legs. Session time is 10 minutes and works even better when combined with sunless airbrush tanning.