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Custom Blended to your skin type

Options include full body, face only and leg only spray tanning

Mystic Kyss Heated Sunless Spray*

Mystic Kyss Tanning Booth Tanning Salon Tan LA

Experience the absolute best in spray tanning with the all new Mystic Kyss tanning booth. This revolutionary heated spray tan is custom blended to your skin type and desired level of darkness, while keeping you warm and dry from start to finish. Make sure and ask your tanning consultant about added fragrances, bronzers, and accelerators.

From the moment you enter the warm, inviting environment, your skin is infused with heat, which allows for maximum absorption, creating a deeper, longer lasting high-definition color. A sweeping side-to-side airbrush travels gently from head to toe, applying precise amounts of your desired level of color, while a flow of warm air ensures that skin remains dry and you remain comfortable.

Gluten Free • Paraben Free • Cruelty Free • Non-Comedogenic

Available at Thousand Oaks location only.

For even better results we recommend one of our Tanning Cocktails, a UV tanning session before your Sunless Spray Tan or a Red Light Anti-Aging Therapy session which helps with the absorption of the sunless solution.

Tanning for a special event? Try our Skinny Bronze Cocktail™ available only at Tan LA Tanning Spas.

*Thousand Oaks location only. See our Disclaimer information.

VersaPro® Heated Sunless Spa*


Take the uncertainty out of sunless tanning with the VersaPro® Heated Sunless Spa Series.

This cutting-edge technology gives you flawless results in the privacy of an automated spray tan booth. VersaPro® offers graduating levels of color with the option to spray just your face, just your legs, and double spray either your legs or entire body for even darker results.

The LED touch screen allows you to further customize your experience by adding both a PH balancing prep spray along with hydration treatments that allow you to extend the life of your sunless tan.

Both the tanning booth and spray are heated for your comfort and the booth dries you automatically.

*Thousand Oaks location only. See our Disclaimer information.

My-Myst Mystic Tan® Sunless Spray Tanning Spa*

The revolutionary MY-MYST Sunless Booth from Mystic Tan features individual tanning cartridges to allow you to choose your desired color and also insures the freshness of the solution. The new MY-MYST sprays in a side to side airbrush motion and unlike the previous generation Mystic Tan you strike 4 standing positions instead of 2 for more even coverage. Make sure and ask your tanning consultant about custom blending your tan with different fragrances, instant bronzers, and accelerators. Available at Camarillo location only.

Thousand Oaks location offers the Heated Mystic HD version. For even better results we recommend a Tanning Cocktail which is a UV Tanning Session before your Sunless Tan or a Red Light Anti-Aging Therapy session which helps with the absorption of the sunless spray tan solution.

See our Sunless Tanning Tips to Prepare for your Sunless Spray Tan Application



*Individual results may vary. See our Disclaimer information.

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