Tan L.A. highly recommends using a top quality indoor tanning lotion. We have a large selection of indoor tanning lotions that are specifically formulated to accelerate your tan. One of our highly trained indoor tanning consultants will help you choose the right lotion for your skin type.

Nude Tanning

Many people enjoy tanning nude at their local tanning salon. It’s a great way to avoid tan lines and get a full body tan. Moreover, it’s really easy in the privacy of your own tanning bed. Also, you don’t have to worry about bringing a swimsuit to the tanning salon. If you choose to tan nude, make sure to start off slowly and only expose sensitive areas for half the exposure time. It takes some time to gradually get used to the UV rays. Also, it’s recommended that you place sunscreen on your sensitive areas because they require a little extra protection.


Some prescription drugs, like antibiotics, contraceptives, and others can make you sensitive to ultra-violet light. Please consult with your tanning consultant or pharmacist if you have questions.

Eye protection

The eyelid is the thinnest membrane of the body. You must use goggles to shield your eyes from the UV light emitted by any tanning bed. Our goggles are FDA compliant and shield 99.9% of UV light.

Contact Lenses

We recommend removing your contact lenses before your tanning sessions. If you are unable to remove them then we recommend moisture drops to keep them from drying out.


Lips have no melanin and will never develop a tan. They can dry out in the sun or in tanning beds. Keep them moist with lip balm. We’ll have some available should you need any.


*Individual results may vary. See our Disclaimer information.


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